General & Emergency Dentistry
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Dental Emergency

We know how painful teeth can be, and that tooth pain sometimes starts when you least expect it!

Our dental clinic specializes in dental emergency in the Ottawa Valley, serving Renfrew, Calabogie, Pembroke-Petawawa, Arnprior, Algonquin Park, etc. Residents and tourists of the Ottawa Valley are welcome for dental emergencies. After the emergency dental treatment, they will be referred back to their regular Dentists.

Our clinic sees dental emergency patients as soon as possible, including after hours, in the evening, and on the weekends, depending on the nature of the emergency.

Emergency Dental Trauma Advice

  1. In case of a broken tooth (tooth fracture): wash the wound, and stop the bleeding by compression with a gauze for 5-10 minutes. Collect all the tooth fragments you can find and keep them moist by placement in iced milk. Come immediately to the dental clinic.
  2. In case of a knocked out tooth (tooth avulsion): wash the wound, and stop the bleeding by compression with a gauze for 5-10 minutes. Pick up the tooth by the crown (the white part that you usually see in the mouth), wash the tooth briefly (10 seconds) under cold running water, and reposition it in the socket. Keep the tooth in place with your finger or by biting gently on a handkerchief or a piece of gauze. If replantation is not possible, place the avulsed tooth in a bag with iced milk, and try to reach the dental clinic within 40 minutes after the avulsion. It is helpful to note the exact time of the accident. You can store the tooth IN THE CHEEK, but be careful not to swallow it! Do not store the tooth in water. 

Please note: Dental infections are a major health risk, and some dental infections can lead to death. If you have toothache and/or tooth-related swelling and you cannot reach or cannot be seen by our clinic or another Dentist, it is very important that you go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room immediately.

Ref: Textbook & Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth – Andreasen et al, 2007, p. 459, 872-5

Dental Emergency Phone Numbers and Links

Dr. Sebastian Thaci, D.M.D.

General Dentistry
372 Raglan St. S.
Renfrew ON K7V1R7
(613) 432-7400

Renfrew Victoria Hospital

499 Raglan Street N.
Renfrew, ON K7V 1P6

Pembroke Regional Hospital

705 Mackay Street
Pembroke, ON K8A 1G8

The Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital

350 John Street N.
Arnprior, ON K7S 2P6

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